April 13, 2017
News Release

(April 12, 2017)—Rimbey Co-operative Association Limited and Rocky Mountain House Co-operative Association Limited announce plans to amalgamate the two local co-operatives.

After a thorough evaluation of organizational structure, financial situation, policies and procedures, and social environment, the Board of Directors from each retail found that similarities existed to further look into a possible amalgamation.  Further feasibilities were conducted on possible savings the new Co-operative would realize, if merged.

On March 7, 2017, the Board of Directors from both retails voted unanimously to proceed with the amalgamation.

To complete the amalgamation of the two Co-op’s, Information Meetings will be held in each community, to present the members with feasibility numbers, as well as discuss benefits of the amalgamation.  These meetings will also provide an opportunity for members to ask questions about the proposal.

The amalgamation must be approved by the membership of each retail, by a two thirds majority of people in attendance at the information and vote meetings.  These meetings will be held on April 26th in Rimbey and on April 27th in Rocky Mountain House.

If approved, the new co-operative will be named the Evergreen Co-operative Association with the head office based out of Rocky Mountain House, AB and a secondary office in Rimbey, AB.  Goods and services would be provided to over 15,000 members, in 12 locations.  The annual sales volume of the new co-operative would be over 95 million dollars.

Shane Buss, General Manager of the Rimbey and Rocky Mountain House Co-op, explains, “The amalgamation of our two co-operatives creates a shared vision, increased potential market expansion in certain commodities, while realizing cost savings and efficiencies.  As competition in the retail environment increases and margins continue to be eroded, organizations need to improve their operating efficiency to remain competitive.  As we grow together we become more resilient to our ever increasing competition, creating a larger talent pool, and providing long term financial stability to our members.”

Information packages will be made available to members starting April 12, 2017 at all locations of the Rimbey and Rocky Mountain House Co-ops.


For more information please contact Shane Buss, General Manager at 403-845-2841  ext. 229.